The latest research from the CVR:

What viruses infect us during the winter? Find out in this episode and see how by studying this we can help combat antibiotic resistance. Can virologists combat antibiotic resistance?

HIV/AIDS remains an important clinical problem and an area of active research, so what are our scientists and clinicians doing on it? Meet Emma, Sam and Margaret who give us perspectives from a clinician, scientist and a veterinarian A human, a monkey and a cat walk into the clinic…

How can we apply new imaging techniques to study the strange, long and thin particles that infuenza viruses make? Freezing Flu Filaments

Meet the CVR scientists who are trying to stop rabies virus being spread by vampire bats in Peru Rabies – riding the wave to the Pacific coast

A new way that a virus spread by insects gets around the immune system (Architectural antagonism by an arbovirus)


Meet the scientist (interviews with external speakers at the CVR):

Professor Geoff Smith and poxviruses

Professor Mary Collins and the history and future of gene therapy

Dr Clare Jolly tells us about how HIV spreads from cell-to-cell

Could proteomics help us cure a latent infection with human cytomegalovirus?

Bee viruses with Professor Dave Evans

Professor Richard Hardy talks to us about the basics of virology: infectivity

Professor Jens Madsen describes his work on innate immunity and lectins

How do cells defend against infection? And how do viruses get around it? Professor Steve Goodbourn tells us everything


Special episodes:

CVR PhD students and postdocs describe their work in Sierra Leone during the W. African Ebola outbreak

An interview with Professor Roger Everett, recently-retired CVR programme leader and expert in herpes viruses and intrinsic immunity ICP0 and Skyewalker…no, this isn’t an episode of Star Wars!