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How to catch a pig and its viruses in Uganda

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

In the latest episode of Contagious Thinking, join CVR PhD student Jack Hirst and postdoc Connor Bamford as they chat with Dr Charles Masembe (follow him on Twitter:@cmasembe10) about his work on some of Africa’s most important animal viruses. Charles works currently on a virus called African swine fever virus (ASFV), which causes a deadly disease in… Continue reading

Our gut microbes and parasites are protecting us against viral lung infections

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

Before we reach our third birthday, nearly everybody in the world will have been infected by a virus called respiratory syncytial virus or RSV but most people haven’t even heard of it. While usually symptomless, a minority (2%) of cases in infants  and newborn babies are associated with severe disease. One paper recently even tried… Continue reading

Can virologists combat antibiotic resistance?

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

    If you listened to this episode of Contagious Thinking, and have a couple of minutes to spare, please fill in this questionnaire about the podcast;   When bacteria ruled the world   Antibiotics don’t resolve viral infections. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that research in virology can’t impact antibiotic resistance, a problem… Continue reading