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Switching off an HIV infection with SAMHD1

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

We at the CVR were recently visited by retrovirologist Dr Kate Bishop (not that one) from the Francis Crick Institute in the centre of London. Like our own Dr Sam Wilson (not that one), Kate works on restriction factors and retroviruses. After our customary podcast was eaten by some terrifying space monkeys, we’ve instead discussed… Continue reading

Beatrice Hahn – The 2016 Sir Michael Stoker Award Winner

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

In this episode of the Contagious Thinking podcast, Joanna and Yasmin speak with Professor Beatrice Hahn following on from her Sir Michael Stoker prize award last year. Every year (it’s happening as we speak!) the CVR holds an exciting competition called the “Sir Michael Stoker Award”. This prize is unique in that the winner is… Continue reading

ICP0 and Skyewalker…no, this isn’t an episode of Star Wars!

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

In this blog post, Professor Roger Everett, who retired recently from the CVR after decades spent in Glasgow (157 papers published… and counting!), answers some of our pressing questions in a Q and A with Siobhan Petrie, our communications officer. If you like what you read have a listen to the podcast interview with Roger… Continue reading

Steve Goodbourn ….and a world full of chickens and their viruses

 Professor Steve Goodbourn, from St George’s, University of London, talks with PhD students Joanna Morrell and Yasmin Parr about his his work on unravelling the biochemical mysteries of how viruses unravel the innate immune system of their hosts. Steve’s work has been integral to our understanding of how some of the most dangerous viruses can infect… Continue reading

Innate Immunity: Slippery when wet

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

Dr Jens Madsen, Associate Professor in Child Health at the University of Southampton, talks with PhD students Yasmin Parr and Joanna Morrell for episode 8 of Contagious Thinking and tells us all about the mucosal surfactant proteins, the Collectins, that form a crucial innate immune barrier against viruses and other microbes. Jens and his lab… Continue reading

Viruses in the apiary: an interview with Dave Evans

In our 6th episode, Dr Andrew Shaw, CVR postdoc (and @virusmuser), chats with Professor Dave Evans, (@evanslabuk) a virologist from the University of St Andrews, about bees and their viruses. Dave visited the CVR last year where he talked about his lab’s work on studying the replication and recombination of positive sense RNA viruses, like… Continue reading

Can proteomics help us cure virus latency?

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

In this episode we talk with Dr Mike Weekes, a clinical consultant and Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Mike visited the CVR a few weeks ago and gave a wonderful seminar about his lab’s work on using a technique he pioneered called ‘quantitative temporal viromics’ (which is a kind of… Continue reading

Meet the expert: John Fazakerley on arboviruses and how they cause disease

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

By Veronica Rezelj, PhD student @verorezelj As we’re now in the run up to the International Meeting on Arboviruses and their Vectors, being held in Glasgow with the Society for General Microbiology (#IMAV15), , we’d like to introduce you to an expert who works in the fascinating field of arbovirus research.  This is our second in… Continue reading

Meet the expert: Paul Duprex on paramyxoviruses, the measles outbreak and gain-of-function experiments

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

Veronica Rezelj, Ph.D. student in the Elliott lab, interviewed Paul Duprex (@10queues) when he visited us at the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research. Paul is a Professor of Microbiology at the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory (NEIDL) in Boston University. His research involves understanding the molecular basis of pathogenesis and attenuation of respiratory… Continue reading

Meet the expert: Wendy Barclay

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

This post is the third in a series of ‘meet the expert’ articles about worldwide investigators working in virology research. These posts are written by the CVR bloggers and are designed to educate, engage with, and inform the public and fellow scientists about who scientists are and what are our motivations. Joanna Morrell, Ph.D. student… Continue reading