Switching off an HIV infection with SAMHD1

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We at the CVR were recently visited by retrovirologist Dr Kate Bishop (not that one) from the Francis Crick Institute in the centre of London. Like our own Dr Sam Wilson (not that one), Kate works on restriction factors and retroviruses. After our customary podcast was eaten by some terrifying space monkeys, we’ve instead discussed… Continue reading

Art Goes Viral

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CVR PhD student, Stephanie Cumberworth (@S_Cumberworth) – who works in the Kohl lab investigating Zika virus – tells us all about the not-for-profit virus-themed colouring book produced recently by the CVR. Find out where the idea came from & how we made it, what we’ve done with it so far and what we’re going to do… Continue reading

Our gut microbes and parasites are protecting us against viral lung infections

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Before we reach our third birthday, nearly everybody in the world will have been infected by a virus called respiratory syncytial virus or RSV but most people haven’t even heard of it. While usually symptomless, a minority (2%) of cases in infants  and newborn babies are associated with severe disease. One paper recently even tried… Continue reading

Viruscraft – tangible interfaces in Cornwall

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The CVR is committed to supporting public engagement with science, its research and the general importance & relevance of virology to the global community. Individuals within the CVR take part in – and organise – face-to-face events to interact with non-experts; tell digital stories about viruses on our blog and podcast and in the international press; and… Continue reading

NERDs are Cool: Support Networks for Early Career Researchers

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This is a cross-over blog post from the ‘Research Development’ blog by the University of Glasgow. This is a guest blog written by Maddy Cunningham. Maddy is a post-doctoral researcher in the institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, a job that she loves (though she knows it didn’t sound like it). Her work focuses on… Continue reading

Stoker Prize: How to Succeed in Science Without Really Trying

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  Every year the CVR’s postdocs and students award the ‘Sir Michael Stoker award’ to a leading scientist in virology who comes to our institute, meets with students and staff and gives a lecture. Past winners include Vincent Racaniello, Peter Piot, Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, Beatrice Hahn with this year’s winner being David Baltimore. In 2015, Jon… Continue reading

How does your body ‘know’ it’s been infected?

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Join Andrew Shaw and Connor Bamford – CVR postdocs – for a chat with Professor Jan Rehwinkel from the University of Oxford and MRC Human immunology unit in this recent episode of Contagious Thinking. Following Jan’s recent seminar at the CVR, he talks with the podcast about his lab’s work on understanding how our cells… Continue reading

Beatrice Hahn – The 2016 Sir Michael Stoker Award Winner

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In this episode of the Contagious Thinking podcast, Joanna and Yasmin speak with Professor Beatrice Hahn following on from her Sir Michael Stoker prize award last year. Every year (it’s happening as we speak!) the CVR holds an exciting competition called the “Sir Michael Stoker Award”. This prize is unique in that the winner is… Continue reading

Meet some of our new contributors (3)

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As part of a new series of posts from CVR staff and students about their work, CVR final year PhD student Alice Coburn, writes about her research in the Murcia lab on influenza virus cross-species transmission. If you would like more information on the work of the Murcia lab on influenza, check out these publications on comparing horse and… Continue reading