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Measles: pass notes

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

Name: Measles virus or ‘human morbillivirus’. I was considered just another pox, like chickenpox or smallpox, until Rhazes of Persia provided the first scientific description of me around 900 A.D. Since then I have been a scourge of humanity. Job: I’m the causative agent of measles (or rubeola) in humans, a systemic infection that leads… Continue reading

Peter O’Hare & herpesviruses – meet the expert

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

This post is the second in a series of ‘meet the expert’ articles about worldwide investigators working in virology research. These posts are written by the CVR students and researchers and are designed to educate, engage with and inform the public and fellow scientists about who we are and what are our motivations. Joanna Morrell, Ph.D. student in… Continue reading