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Innate Immunity: Slippery when wet

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

Dr Jens Madsen, Associate Professor in Child Health at the University of Southampton, talks with PhD students Yasmin Parr and Joanna Morrell for episode 8 of Contagious Thinking and tells us all about the mucosal surfactant proteins, the Collectins, that form a crucial innate immune barrier against viruses and other microbes. Jens and his lab… Continue reading

Hair today, gone tomorrow: influenza and its filaments

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

Dr David Bhella (CVR programme leader) and Dr Ed Hutchinson (MRC research fellow at the CVR) tell us about influenza and its filamentous nature. Even after eighty years of studying them, we still tend to forget what influenza viruses look like.  In a paper published this week, the Hutchinson and Bhella labs (together with collaborators… Continue reading

The CVR at Glasgow Science Festival 2016: exploring biological structure and innovation through viruses

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

In a world obsessed with the deadly nature of viruses, join us in a celebration of the beauty of their biological structure. Glasgow is a fascinating place to live, with awesome architecture and design emerging from the dramatic Scottish landscape. Although invisibly small, viruses also produce strikingly beautiful structures, constructed from the local materials of… Continue reading