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How to catch a pig and its viruses in Uganda

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

In the latest episode of Contagious Thinking, join CVR PhD student Jack Hirst and postdoc Connor Bamford as they chat with Dr Charles Masembe (follow him on Twitter:@cmasembe10) about his work on some of Africa’s most important animal viruses. Charles works currently on a virus called African swine fever virus (ASFV), which causes a deadly disease in… Continue reading

Bunyaviruses: we are (one big) family

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

As we’re now only one week from the International Meeting on Arboviruses and their Vectors, being held in Glasgow with the Society for General Microbiology (#IMAV15),  we’d like to present to you the third in a series of posts about arboviruses.  This post, written by Veronica Rezelj, PhD student (@verorezelj), focuses on arboviruses themselves, their virology and how by understanding how they… Continue reading

Meet the expert: Wendy Barclay

Published on: Author: the CVR science blog editors

This post is the third in a series of ‘meet the expert’ articles about worldwide investigators working in virology research. These posts are written by the CVR bloggers and are designed to educate, engage with, and inform the public and fellow scientists about who scientists are and what are our motivations. Joanna Morrell, Ph.D. student… Continue reading