Viral pseudotypes – tools of mass eradication?

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Find out more about Morbilliviruses and the research involving them at the CVR, in this latest episode of the Contagious Thinking podcast brought to you by the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research (CVR).

Here, Joanna Crispell and Yasmin Parr talk to Dr Brian Willett – Professor of Viral Immunology at the CVR. They discuss his recent publications looking at neutralizing antibodies in many different animals to Morbilliviruses. Brian talks about the surprising finding of neutralizing antibodies against Rinderpest – a virus that has been declared eradicated since 2011. Listen to find out more.


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Image (Asseta Lompo with her goats) from TREEAID on Wikimedia

Recorded by Joanna Crispell and Yasmin Parr, produced by Joanna Crispell.